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Environment Agency Albania: Organizational development – Team leader, adviser (2005 – 2009)

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Environment Agency Albania: Organizational development – Team leader, adviser (2005 – 2009)

Team leader, organizational development consultant.

Antea Group (then called Oranjewoud Consultants).

Agency of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Environment, Albania

2005 – 2009

Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Tirana (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands)

Antea Group (previously Oranjewoud Engineers and Consultants, leading partner),  ALcontrol Laboratories (Nl), FLAG (Albanië)

€ 370.000,-

Overall objective of the project

  • To make a significant improvement in the competence and effectiveness of the Albanian Agency of Environment & Forestry, so that it can achieve the following:
  • Make a significant contribution to the National Environmental Monitoring System, through effective sampling and analysis.
  • Provide a reliable analytical service to the National Environmental Inspectorate, using methods, which will stand up in a court of law.
  • Provide technical support to the Ministry of Environment through effective implementation of research and technical projects.

Technical assistance

  • Develop a quality system for the laboratory of the Agency
  • Training of inspectors and laboratory staff
  • Guidance through the ISO-certification/ accreditation process

Capacity building / institutional strengthening

  • Analysis of the environmental sector in Albania (institutions, roles and positions)
  • Develop a mission, vision and 5 year strategy for Agency
  • Develop a new organizational structure of the Agency
  • Develop an HR manual, including job descriptions and competencies for all staff/positions
  • Coaching of management team of the Agency

Marketing / business development

  • Developing a network with donors of environmental projects
  • Marketing training of Agency staff

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15 June, 2016