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“Building organizations

that make a difference in society

Flourishing city

People make the city and their neighbourhood. With social activities, economic activities and by building their physical environment. Where cities flourish, these three go together. Often, the emphasis is on the constructing buildings and streets. Social activities are the crucial factor.

Organization development

People make the organization. Organizations are coherent groups of individuals that aim at achieving goals together. The better people perform, the better the results.

(international) Collaboration

People achieve collective goals and meet their individual needs by collaborating. Across boundaries: of countries, cultures, organizations, departments and disciplines.

I work mainly with people and organizations active in the fields of water, urban development and international collaboration.
I work specifically on:

Team and Organization development



Usually as a facilitator or a manager. For example: manager of a department, a complex project or the transition of an organization. Facilitator of a public private collaboration, facilitator and/or chairman of conferences and workshops. I am also initiator of social projects.

Smart aid award

Frank receives Smart-aid award for the best Smart idea in 100 words on international collaboration. On Thursday…

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About Frank van Berkum

24 years of working experience in 8 countries. Civil engineering, law & administration, music, theatre improvisation.

Financially viable initiatives, projects and organizations.

Initiator, facilitator, manager.

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Mr Ing Frank van Berkum

+31 6 10651759