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About Frank van Berkum

& what ticks me

Het gezamenlijke doel van een groep mensen of organisaties
met de individuele ambitie van ieder individu of organisatie.

Ik werk aan teamontwikkeling, samenwerkingsvraagstukken en organisatie-ontwikkeling.

Diensten die ik lever zijn:

  • intervisie
  • begeleiden van teamontwikkeling en teamvorming, team coaching
  • individuele coaching
  • (co-)creëren and faciliteren van workshops
  • (dag)voorzitten van conferenties
  • bouwen/ontwikkelen van publiek-private samenwerking
  • begeleiden van verandering / transitie van een organisatie
  • starten van een nieuwe initiatief in een organisatie
  • starten van een nieuw initiatief in een wijk

Over mij

To realize this, I do three things in essence:

Create a context

To be able to achieve goals, it is important that the circumstances are well preserved:

  • people feel save to work together,
  • there is attention for every individual (organization) and for their interests
  • there is fun and inspiration
  • everybody feels free to express their intention, needs, ambitions and questions.

Where I work I aim at creating these circumstances. Circumstances in which objectives can be achieved.


Connect across boundaries

Many people work in different parts of an organization, or in different organizations.

I have experienced, also myself,  that it is sometimes difficult to exceed the position that you have in an issue.

Working across boundaries is an essential feature of my approach: boundaries between departments, organizations, cultures, sectors and countries.

Add something new

Usually, in situation where I’m working, I also add something.
It can be

An idea regarding the contents of the issue.
An experience.
A person from my network that can be of help/added value.
A new working method.
A different way of looking at the issue.
New information.

So: something new that can help to solve a problem or address an issue and realize the objective.

Education and specialization
I have been educated in the field of civil engineering and of law and public administration.
Over the years I have specialized in developing organizations as well as in developing collaboration of organizations that want to realize a common and social relevant goal.

These are goals in the fields of
– urban and rural development
– international (development) cooperation.

My over 20 years experience covers a wide range of fields, including:

  • water
  • environmental management
  • infrastructure
  • urban development

I have been working in these fields in the Netherlands, elsewhere in Europe, as well as in Africa and Asia.
I have been active as consultant, trainer, head of department and commercial manager.



Services I deliver:

  • individual coaching
  • team development, team coaching
  • (co-)creating and facilitating a workshop
  • chairing a conference
  • building a public private partnership
  • realizing change of an organization
  • start a new initiative in an organization
  • start a new initiative in a neighbourhood

Type of organizations I work with
The organizations can be institutionalized organizations and temporary collaborations of people and organizations. These include:

  • governments (local, regional and central government),
  • business organizations,
  • knowledge and research institutes and
  • civil society organizations.

Timeframe of my involvement
De tijdsduur van mijn betrokkenheid varieert van enkele dagen om een proces in gang te zetten tot langere begeleiding. Die hangt af van de behoefte.

CV Frank

About Frank van Berkum

24 years of working experience in 8 countries. Civil engineering, law & administration, music, theatre improvisation.

Financially viable initiatives, projects and organizations.

Initiator, facilitator, manager.

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Mr Ing Frank van Berkum

+31 6 10651759