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Hier vind je mijn observaties en inzichten over florerende steden, ontwikkelende organisaties en (internationale) samenwerking

The City of Tomorrow – contribution to symposium Saxion University

In the City of Tomorrow 1. Social development and Spatial development go hand in hand; 2. Individual needs and Common interest are connected; 3. Residents and entrepreneurs take initiatives, and organizations and institutions organize themselves around these. Last...

Music in the city – Queen

Music makes the city and its people come alive. Bohemian Rhapsody van Queen sounds from the Dom tower in Utrecht. On 24 August 2015, the carillon player of the Dom tower in Utrecht, held a concert of Queen songs. The final was Bohemian Rhapsody. Listen and watch here...

Laxou, France resembles Amsterdam-West

The 60’s quarter Laxou in Nancy, France resembles Amsterdam-West. This afternoon I visited a supermarket in Laxou, suburb of Nancy, France. The quarter has been designed and built in the 1960’s. It looks like there are  many similarities with suburbs...

Louis van Gaals gevoel voor vorm

5-3-2 of 4-4-2: Een elftal-opstelling is een organisatiestructuur. En de structuur volgt het doel dat je wilt bereiken en de middelen die je beschikbaar hebt.

Smart aid award

Frank receives Smart-aid award for the best Smart idea in 100 words on international collaboration. On Thursday…

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