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Frank receives Smart-aid award for the best 100 words on international collaboration.

On Thursday 22 november 2012 the Smart Aid Debate took place in The Hague,  organized by Dutch development cooperation ngo Cordaid en ViceVersa, professional journal on development cooperation.
The participanten had been requested to share their Smart idea for the TOPsector International cooperation in 100 words.

The contribution of Frank was selected as the best contribution:

‘Time to change. Inches from outside the Development Cooperation sector. They tackle and bite, but are impulses that make the sector stronger. And therefore better.
Welcome in a world where next to North-South, Sout-South and South-North exist. Where people and their added value find their ways themselves to needs across the world, and the other way around. 

 Existing structures have been replaced by (occasional) coalitions. As ra result of which you can see Chinese buses in Mozambique, as well as Indian rice. And at the same time the Dutch assisting the Mozambican water sector. In which we help Tanzania, and psiiblyu Tanzania helping us in developing a business model for nature conservation. Etcetera.
It’s vice versa now, with two to tango.’

Journalist Sanne van Grafhorst writes:
‘Finally there is one thing remaining to do for Amma Asante (…): to hand out the Smart Aid Award for the best Smart Idea. According to her the idea of the winner, Frank van Berkum, fits the best into the idea of an innovative Development Collaboration sector in which all stakeholders can play their role.’ (read more)

Participant in the debate Reinier van Hoffen blogs:
‘It was striking that the most innovative idea came from outside the ‘sector’ from Frank van Berkum, a project manager of Oranjewoud,’ … (read more)